“The cleverly paced 14-track disc includes broadly accessible pop tunes, upbeat rockers, guitar instrumentals and inventive pieces like The Blood Is Strong.”

The Record

“Studded with radio friendly tunes…extraordinary musicianship…an invigorating and intense album…uses a mix of acoustic and electric instruments to build a rich, pop sound…vocals that betray an irresistible enthusiasm…”

The Daily News

“Sampson’s short set before the Rankins took the stage spotlighted a new voice that’s ready to break wide open, a Canadian who sings with the emotion of Van Morrison.”

The Ottawa Sun

“Sampson’s fresh, raw talent was charming as he performed four songs from his upcoming album. This talented guitarist, who reminds one of Bruce Cockburn, may not have a familiar face, but his songwriting credits are recognizable…”

The Calgary Sun

“Sampson delivered a powerful performance with strong material and an expert band.”

The Chronicle Herald

“Gordie’s mainstage showcase performance blew everyone away and earned him the media award for Best Showcase Artist.”

What’s Goin On

“Sampson is a soulful singer with major star charisma.”

The Daily News“…played a cool selection of urban folk tunes…he did exactly what opening acts are meant to do: open up the ears of the crowd…his energy was felt as he later joined the Rankins…”

The Edmonton Sun

“The charismatic Gordie Sampson, as music director, has put his stamp on the revue. The sound is a propulsive contemporary Celtic pop, a jamming together of traditional and rock-pop that is exhilarating. Sampson’s final arrangement of Purple Heather is passionate.”

The Mail Star

“A memorable and delicate guitar solo from Sampson who also pulled out a hot electric lead solo.”

The Edmonton Journal

“Opener Gordie Sampson proved he knows his way around an acoustic guitar, too…a lesson in great fretwork.”

Calgary Herald

“Cape Breton native Gordie Sampson rocked the crowd with a selection of original material. Opening with his next single ‘Sorry’ he owned the audience right up to his finale with ‘Still Workin’ on a Dream’ and was sent off with a standing ovation.”

ECMA ’99 Music Notes

“Producer Gordie Sampson’s arrangements are fresh, and the few trips into the slightly experimental are thrilling.” (In My Hands – Natalie MacMaster)

Boston Herald

“The second star of the game is producer, songwriter, guitarist Gordie Sampson.” (In My Hands – Natalie MacMaster)

Telegraph Journal